If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you know what drive storage is. Your data is stored on the server of the company that is providing you the service, and it is usually free or at a very nominal cost. The most well-known examples of drive storage are Dropbox and Google Drive. Millions of people use cloud backup services to keep their data in sync and secure, out of the risk of external factors such as machine damage and wear and tear to the device.

Here are five things that should be kept in mind before starting your journey of cloud storage:


1.Protection: All servers that offer cloud storage service tell you to create an account and add a password to it. It is crucial, because that password is the only way to access the data stored in the servers. No one without the password can use the data, which ensures the safety of your stored information.

2.Limitations on size: If you are a free user, there is only so much that you can store on your drive account. Companies let you store some data for free, but once you use up your free space, you have to pay a monthly charge to use extra storage space in the servers. For storage of large amounts of data, cloud servers are a more expensive way as compared to traditional methods such as hard drives.

3.Internet speed: Accessing data is easy, but adding data to your account and downloading it to your computer requires fast internet. In case you do not have a fast internet connection, managing a cloud storage account becomes a pesky job, as downloads and uploads take ages to complete, and will sometimes stop in the middle of the process, citing the problem of slow connective speeds. Do make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection before you start using a cloud backup services.

3.Ease of access: As long as you remember your login address and password, you can access and download data from your cloud account from anywhere and at any time you want. You no longer need to carry large hard drives and CD’s with the data in them.

4.Ease in sharing: Most mail servers have a limitation on the size of attachments, and thus sending large files such as software and videos is very tricky on mail. However, sharing becomes much simpler on cloud storage. Just upload the file on your account, and you have the option of sharing the link with whoever you want. Only the person you share the link with can access the data, with the limitation that the person cannot always edit the data, just view it.


It is very beneficial to shift to cloud storage, when the entire world and all industries are slowly shifting to it. With all these benefits of cloud storage known to us, their utility has proven that it is not far when even the minutest of information will be stored on some cloud server.