Dynamics 365 Enterprise & AX User Group

Dynamics 365 Enterprise offers its members (functional or technical users) full value for the money invested via its most user-friendly way to connect and collaborate with other AX professionals. Additionally, it is being well applauded for augmenting certain advanced training and services among the user groups. Technically speaking, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise has laid a new benchmark among the cloud-based platforms and has set high standards for any future advancement in the area. It has efficiently brought together the company’s earlier much hyped CRM and ERP functions, and is set to introduce to its users a plethora of several cloud-exclusive functionalities.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise & AX User Group


  • Achieving higher level of engagement for each Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation user; individual and company
    Fuelling value-added networking
  • Laying a special focus on increased and enhanced knowledge sharing
  • Ensuring Value-maximization for all 365/AX User Group

Star attraction points about User Group for Dynamics 365:

The Dynamics 365 is claimed to make its user group feel at home with its embedded features of close connectivity, collaboration, and mutual commonness among the several thousand users all across the globe using a common discussion platform. Not only does this allow the users to get access to a greater pool of knowledge, but also reveal solutions to challenges, problems, and common issues encountered by all 365/AX User Group.

  • Each user gets direct access to a community composed of highly experienced and knowledgeable peers.
  • The information coverage encompass all stages of deployment including evaluation, implementation as well as production
  • The division of Dynamic 365 functionalities into individual Applications suits different users catering to a diverse set of business needs/processes as under:

-> Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations
-> Dynamics 365 for Sales
-> Dynamics 365 for customer service
-> Dynamics 365 for Retail
-> Dynamics 365 for Talent
-> Dynamics 365 for Field Service
-> Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

What a Dynamics 365/AX User Group member is accessible to:

  • Easy access to educational presentations, videos, academy courses, OnDemand webinars, and other resources
  • Latest Product developments, technology best practices, and in-depth knowledge about the user challenges
  • 24/7 online community, local chapter meetings, and open forums ensuring mutual coordination among peers
  • Option to opt for Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition or Dynamics 365 Business edition as per the needs

-> Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition: Suited for large-scale business houses or corporations marked by advanced analytical and marketing needs.
-> Dynamics 365 Business Edition: Suited for medium-sized businesses preferring streamlined solutions.

  • Different Dynamics 365 Plans giving access to different Dynamics 365 apps (depending on differential pricing of plans) such as:

-> Unified Operations Plan
-> Customer Engagement Plan

  • Certain add-ons which can be purchased other than the Dynamics 365 Plan such as Microsoft Relationship Sales

Microsoft dynamics AX consulting has surely taken the business management to a next level by highlighting the need for effective implementation as a basic necessity for any individual/company. It reiterates the same age-old business fundamental of ‘getting the most out of’ and signals the business makers to buckle up their running shoes!!